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Antara in Sanskrit is the within. Inward looking, and conscious, it is a collection that inspires the interiors it adorns. In a classic colour palette of black and ivory, Antara experiments with techniques and textures in a yin and yang fashion to yield balance and stillness.  


The collection is born of traditional weaving techniques from Rajasthan and the Kutchh region of Gujarat. Hours of labour come to fruition in a range of linens, covers, cushions, rugs, and throws for your home. It is With natural materials and dyes sourced ethically, the collection is mindful and timeless.

Antara's approach to comfort is to be content within yourself and your space. Its gentle hues and soothing touch is a cocoon of comfort for warmth and relaxation.



Intricately designed with purpose, it allows life to unfold within the wraps of soft linens and rugs. Antara exists to harmonise with your interiors - no matter what the theme is, modern or traditional.

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The textures of duvet covers and pillows are ethically made. With minimal use of colour, almost negligible dye waste has been generated while making the collection.


Black, when used proportionally, has a grounding and neutralising effect, and the soft ivory unbleached. Never compromising on luxury and aura, the collection Antara, comes to you pure within itself, caring about all the things that you care about. It is a meditative and thoughtful range of interior textiles.

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