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Design Isle is a lifestyle brand studio that provides bespoke design consulting services for home interior and  décor with its strength in textiles. Having a strong background in home textiles has helped us look at the world of design with an “eyes wide open” mentality. We are a team of artists, designers, experts, researchers, thinkers who are driven by curiosity, passion, dedication and above all, creativity with a connection to curate and style. 


Note from Founder Saloni Sharma: "Authenticity and timelessness lie at the heart of our design philosophy.  We have seen the immense beauty of merging the traditional with the modern and it is reflected in our work. One of our primary goals is to make the design process itself enjoyable for our clients. Designs and aesthetics with meaning and purpose, is what we strive for in each and every project that we work on."


Design Isle has a diverse panel working. 

We work with family-run workshops and independently-run cooperatives, and manufacturers in the Indian hinterland, and our designers, architects, stylists, act sustainably to bring these crafts to your home.


The process is highly collaborative and based on the workmanship and knowledge of our artisan, design and vendor partners. 

Meet The Team



Architect & Product Designer

Rijul is passionate about new materials and techniques and innovates to create truly sustainable built forms. He's interested in music and is the lead vocalist for a band, also playing guitar.

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Sourcing & Design Consultant

Reema is a product designer for home furniture and accessories, and is adept at analysing and creating for every need. She has immense merchandising experience in these areas. Fitness keeps her energised and positive. 



Architect & Product Designer

Dhruv loves to explore ideas that create unique spatial experiences to stimulate all the senses of the human body. He is healer and a keen musician, and plays the rhythm, bass and keyboard.

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Designer & Stylist

Pratiti is a fashion designer and stylist. Her experience is multifaceted as she has designed a host of things from kidswear to home goods. She is a fitness enthusiast and loves to keep us on our toes. 


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Textile Designer 

Ayushi specialises in surface print design, and draws inspiration from nature. She is passionate about surface ornamentation and is learning woven textiles. Art being her first love, she also loves watercolouring. 



Textile & Graphic Designer 

Amod works best on the ground level, with his hands on approach and involvement at every step. A passionate designer, he loves meeting new people and keeping up with new knowledge.



Digital Media Manager

Kovida is a proficient  writer and media manager. She is a skillful storyteller and is interested in communication strategy, and translation. She loves the outdoors, and writing nature poetry.

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Business Consultant

Udayan is a high achieving analyst. He is a number's guy and advises us in key areas of management. On any day you can find him in the great outdoors. He loves adventure sports and trekking. 

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Kareena, our newest intern is a creative soul and is constantly in artistic pursuit. She loves learning about different cultures and languages and is learning French and Korean.