Design Isle harvests the culture of handcrafted, bespoke design, and marries it to the magic of sustainable and usable design. It is born from passion, and a keen eye for curation that brings together practices from all over India and the world to birth a design language for your spaces that is pleasing, simple, subdued, and neutral.


It is the practice of revival - of long lost and long-forgotten artifacts that are unique, premium, and made to last for you.


Note from Founder Saloni Sharma: "Authenticity, timelessness, and luxury lie at the heart of our design philosophy.  We have seen the immense beauty of merging the traditional with the modern and it is reflected in our work. Each of our products, whether handpicked or created, has a beautiful story behind it.  We are committed to producing well-crafted quality products that are sustainable as well."


Design Isle works with family-run workshops and independently-run cooperatives in the Indian hinterland. The process is highly collaborative and based on the workmanship, skill, and knowledge of the artisan partners. A deep respect for artisans is maintained while executing ideas keeping their design sensibilities in mind, even when their techniques are reinterpreted. 


The artisans set their own wages and many of the artisans have been working in their mediums for generations. They are masters at their craft and the biggest source of inspiration for Design Isle. 

For all that is seen and made, Design Isle would love you to be a part of their journey in these formative years. 

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