Design Isle presents first ever home collection made using handspun,

hand-loomed and naturally dyed Peace silk. 

These unique pieces are soft, comfy, royal, eco friendly, and fit perfectly into any kind of interior setting.  We also sell these in small yardages for those who cannot get enough of it. 


Ahimsa or Peace silk is made from the cocoons of wild and semi-wild silk moths after the cocoons open naturally at one end, to release the moth thereby not killing the moth. The usual method involves killing the cocoons by steaming or boiling them in water when they are ten days old, before they metamorphose into a moth. The peace silk yarn has a nubby texture when it is reeled and therefore gives a soft, cozy, non shiny texture to the fabric.

We work with three different varieties of Peace silk

- Matka, (mulberry cocoon)

- Balkal (tussar cocoon)

- Eri

ahimsa silk peace silk_edited.jpg

To order this product please send an email on info@designisle.co 

Single layer throws and hand embroidered quilts also available in this fabric