Sambhala, born of its namesake land of jeweled lakes and tranquil waters, is an indigo themed collection of textiles to dress your space. Sensitive and calm blues inspire peace and authentic living.

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Sambhala values authenticity and immaculate craftsmanship that is unique to each of its pieces. The collection of fabrics it puts out is designed to look simple and suffuse its surroundings with an air of calm and peace.

The pillows and handloom bed linen are woven by hand in geometric shapes and customised especially for Sambhala. The rare, finely stitched quilt is stuffed with ultra-soft surgical cotton. 


Indigo, the world's oldest and perhaps most versatile dye has been used for decades and found its place in the sustainability sector.

The process of dying is incredibly complex and the fabric doesn't instantly turn blue! From yellow to green, it becomes a deep blue with exposure to air.

This makes indigo dying a sacred and highly revered ancient process - at Design Isle, we are proud to have our Sambhala Collection dyed and sourced sustainably directly from the artisans.

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A lake, a sea, an ocean. Sambhala is an inspired collection of naturally dyed fabrics. It is caring, it is peace, it is for you.

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