The forest is a giver. Heavily laden branches adorned with foliage and fruit, a home for living creatures both large and small. In this vein, we present our collection, Vati.

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Vati, from Vatika, an orchard that is abundant and green is the inspiration for the hues of this collection. Imbuing soft colours of nature in a whispering way so their presence is comforting and nurturing.

Orchard-garden is our source.


The linens, duvets, cushions, and more are all made in utmost harmony with nature and respecting its giving quality as the carer for all beings.


All items are handcrafted, not mass-produced, and infused with natural dyes and pigments.

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Your home decorated and draped, with the mild greens of Vati and in combination with wooden and natural fiber made pieces will feel most earthy and natural.



The designs and textiles are crafted carefully, keeping in mind modern sensibilities and the new expectations from homes. Keeping it simple, natural, and green is our guiding philosophy.

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